OSINT | Investigating Phone Numbers Mini-Toolkit

Recently, I started reading through the “Open Source Intelligence Tools and Resources Handbook 2020” released by I-Intelligence. I don’t know if “reading through” is the right word, as it is literally just a dump of different sites that may or may not be up, may or may not work, and may or may not be behind a paywall. This is an issue for me, so as I go through the book I’m going to attempt to audit each section and pick the links relevant to me out, give brief overviews of what they do, and leave them here for your use. Today, we’ll be going over investigating phone numbers in the US. In this section of the book it has a lot of links that relate to foreign phone numbers, phone call privacy/blocking/callerID, and more. If they didn’t relate directly to looking up a US number, I didn’t look further into them.

  • Caller ID Test – You can see the phone number and the associated name.
  • Caller Smart – Gives similar info to the link above, but includes the carrier. Carrier info is sometimes wrong.
  • Carrier Lookup – Gives you the carrier. Carrier is usually correct.
  • Free Carrier Lookup – Similar info to the link above, carrier is usually correct.
  • Reveal Name – Provides the info on the person the number belongs to, and the correct carrier.
  • SpyTox – The first site to actually confirm an accurate first and last name with one of the more challenging phone numbers I was testing it with. Most of the info is blocked behind a paywall, but the free info it provides could be gold in certain situations. It has some misinformation that tries to get someone to make the purchase though (says things like this number was found on Tinder, AshleyMadison, etc.).
  • Z LookUp – Provides a relatively accurate name that is usually associated with the phone number.

The golden chalice (tools I found along the way that I like):

  • Synapsint – This had no relevant info on any of the numbers I tried, but boy, does its email search work well. It even includes cleartext passwords from different breaches, along with some extra info. Extremely useful, and I’m leaving this here for later.
  • Fast People Search – This is my go to currently in terms of looking people/numbers up. Really fantastic, gives back some strong and mostly accurate results. Of course with this kind of stuff it won’t be 100% accurate information, but dang, this one gives you a ton of info to explore.
  • Intelligence X – Honestly, fantastic. They’ve got a lot of other tools besides the third party phone number search, and can find a lot of info surrounding accounts from different database breaches. If you sign up with a school email account, you also get access to more searches and a lot of extra stuff for free.

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